International Women's Day: Interview with Wunder Workshop Founder, Zoe Lin Van't Hof

Here at AMMA we are dedicating a whole week to International Women’s Day. This year’s #ChoosetoChallenge has motivated us to applaud the acts of bravery and determination by women in all businesses, countries, and communities.

Today we are excited to share our interview with Zoe Lind Van’t Hof with you! Zoe has been a champion of AMMA since the start and we are in complete admiration of how she has built and nurtured her business, Wunder Workshop.

Wunder Workshop is a certified food brand making organic and ethically sourced turmeric-based products. Inspired by Ayurveda – the Science of Life – sourced from a farm in Sri Lanka and made in London, Wunder Workshop returns to nature and gives us a product which feeds our mind as well as our body. Zoe learnt about the importance of nutrition from her mother who worked in the health food industry giving her a unique insight into the nurturing power of spices from a young age.

Founder, Zoe, sits down with us to tell us more about Wunder Workshop, how they source ethically, and her start-up tips for future entrepreneurs!